Council Leadership

The council Key-3 consists of the council chair, council commissioner, and Scout executive. They meet informally as necessary to ensure proper coordination of the work of the council. They furnish liaisons between the commissioner staff and the various committees of the council. They may also provide proposals and recommendations to, but in no way assume the authority of, the executive board or the trustees.


Eric Remington

Board Chair

The council chair is the top volunteer leader of the Council. The council chair gives leadership to the establishment of effective operation of Scouting consistent with the Charter and Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America and provisions of governing documents by the council. The council chair works closely with the other council officers and the Scout executive in planning and carrying out Scouting.

R. David Lee

Council Commissioner

The Council Commissioner helps train district commissioners and communicates with them by telephone, letters, personal conference and on-the-job coaching. He is responsible for the Council's commissioner staff, rechartering of all Scouting units, and setting and achieving goals so the Connecticut Rivers Council improves on Journey to Excellence each year.

 Steven Smith

Council Scout Executive/CEO 

The Scout Executive is the Chief Executive Officer of the Connecticut Rivers Council. He is an ex-officio member of the executive board, the trustees, and all other committees of the council and districts, without vote except where otherwise provided. He employs, with executive board permission, all other paid employees of the council and supervises their actions.

Scout Safety
Advancement Opportunities