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Unit Kernel - Popcorn System Overview (how to place orders and track Sco....docx

To all Unit Leaders and Popcorn Kernels

We look forward to working with each of you as we strive to fund the best possible program for the youth of the Connecticut Rivers Council.  You may contact us at any time during the sale with questions or concerns, in addition each district has a District Popcorn Kernel and District Executive who can answer most questions as well as have more details relevant to sales within the district.  We will get you contact info for these people soon in a future email.

We have made several changes to the Popcorn Kickoffs in answer to your requests.  This year practical training will be the theme of the kickoff format (instead of a sales rally).  The training will feature how and when to place orders, how “Show and Sell” returns are reflected in “Take Order Sales” orders, how to work with the Trails End website and more.  Unlike previous years we require only one person attend to help qualify a unit for the enhanced commission (but more are welcome).

For now we just wanted to get started with a couple of things:

  1. We are building our database of local unit popcorn contacts so we might better contact and support you.  If you have not yet confirmed that you are your unit’s popcorn contact, please confirm that you are by sending your name, unit number and district to robin.toni@scouting.org. 
  2. If you are not the popcorn kernel for your unit this year, please forward this email to the person who is or your unit's committee chair if you are unsure who will be managing your sale.  Also encourage them to send us an email at robin.toni@scouting.org to be added to the database.
  3. What should I as a Popcorn Kernel be doing now?
    • Set-up or update your unit's profile on the Trail's End website (trails-end.com) If you do not know your unit's profile (what was used last year), please contact your district executive to get your username and password.
    • Work with your committee to set a unit sales goal for 2017, based upon your budgetary needs as a unit.  There are tools on the trails-end website that can help you accomplish this task.
    • Pick a council popcorn kick-off that works for you, register for it, and put it in your calendar along with all other important popcorn dates. 
    • Contact your District Executive or District Popcorn Kernel to make sure you are also on their contact database to receive more local updates from them. 

We look forward to supporting your popcorn sale needs and through the sale supporting Scouting in your unit and throughout Connecticut. 

Yours in Scouting and in Popcorn,

Robin Toni
Marketing Director

Charlotte Jorgensen
Council Popcorn Kernel


Take Home Order Sales.docx

How to Hold A Unit Kickoff.docx

PayAnywhere Information

The Connecticut Rivers Council is offering to help units with over coming the "No one carries cash any more" issue surrounding show n sell sales as well as taking in monies for other unit events.  In order to provide a device at NO COST to the units, we entered into an agreement with a company called PayAnywhere.

In order to sign up for this device and get it for free you need to click this link: http://www.payanywhere.com/bsacrc

This is the link  to sign up for PayAnywhere. You will be sent one reader with their sign-up and they can order another one at no charge if they decide they need another for show and sell. 


Calling for HELP!! and other Recources

Pay Anywhere Help and Resource Guide.pdf

The link for PayAnywhere support is: http://www.payanywhere.com/support/