Popcorn Selling Tips

Tips to Maximize Your Unit’s Popcorn Sale


Successful Units always set a Unit goal, but the really successful Units also set “per-boy” goals. One Unit leader explained his unit sale really took off when the cost of the big trip at the end of the year was tied to popcorn sales.  The big trip would cost a Scout $250 if the sold less than $250, $150 if they sold at least $250, $100 if they sold $400 and only $50 if they sold $600.  According to the unit leader, the per boy sales have increased significantly each year since this plan was implemented.

Specific Unit and/or Den Kickoffs

Crucially important. Units that are successful with Popcorn sales have a kickoff where they show and explain the Units program to parents and boys while telling them that popcorn is how they can pay for it. Have fun with a theme, games and skits, explain how to sell and safety tips, and give examples of the prizes the Unit is planning to give boys for selling. Then encourage ALL boys and parents to participate, and set a Unit AND per-boy goal here. Units who have poor sales, typically just announce at the end of a meeting that Popcorn materials are at the back, and to pick stuff up on the way out the door. Large units are encouraged to break things down at the Den/Patrol level (kickoffs, goals, etc.) The Council will provide a Kickoff Kit which would include popcorn, parents video, and information on how to set up your Blitz Day. You can also incorporate hanging out the popcorn order forms, prize brochures, etc, into this meeting. (Emphasize the new prizes that are available this year.)

Blitz Day Participation

Set a day where your unit will "Blitz" their town with Scouts going door to door in a coordinated fadhion.  Explain how getting ALL your boys to participate in the Blitz Day can help your unit get most (or all) the way to your Unit Goal, and more importantly, can allow your boys to have more fun when selling (as a team). Encourage your Unit to make it fun: plan a pack event to incorporate selling door-to-door throughout a specific neighborhood, have a hot dog roast afterwards or go to a Pumpkin Patch that afternoon, for instance.

Communication to Parents

Research shows that Parents are interested in 3 things: What’s in it for my boy, what’s in it for our Unit, and how do we become more successful? Be sure you are able to explain these at your Unit Kickoff, and if they all give a strong effort, they won’t need to constantly pay for program throughout the year, or do other fundraisers