Fall Merit Badge Series #3

Do you need to need to complete a couple more Merit Badges in order to complete your next rank? Or are you working on filling up your sash? Join us this fall at the Council Service Center as we host a six part Merit Badge Series to help fulfill your Merit Badge needs!


 Salesmanship - 9AM-4PM


Lunch will be from 12PM to 1PM, don't forget to pack a bagged lunch.



5. Do ONE of the following

a. Help your unit raise funds through sales of merchandise or of tickets to a Scout event.

b. Sell your services such as lawn raking or mowing, pet watching, dog walking, snow shoveling, and car washing to your neighbors. Follow up after the service has been completed and determine the customer's satisfaction.

c. Earn money through retail selling.   

Council Service Center

60 Darlin St.
E Hartford, Connecticut 06108

Sat, Nov 16, 2019 9:00 AM - Sat, Nov 16, 2019 4:00 PM