Scoutbook & Internet Advancement Sync

Exciting news from Scoutbook! The sync between Scoutbook and Internet Advancement has been tested and is rolling out to units!

Once your unit has this capability they will not need to use Internet Advancement any longer. This will be phased in to units in waves so it can be monitored at the start for any issues. National’s intent is to have all units phased in by July 25. Each unit with a current Scoutbook subscription’s Key 3 will receive an email notifying them that the auto sync is active for their unit with instructions on how to get your unit ready for the sync. After the initial sync, youth advancement records will be reflected in ScoutNET within 24 hours of them being entered into Scoutbook. Until your unit is active we ask that you continue importing into Internet Advancement to make sure your Scouts’ official records are up-to-date.

Remember, the CT Rivers Council is providing Scoutbook subscriptions to all our units for free as part of the Activity Fee. Please contact your District Executive for your promotional code if your unit isn’t using Scoutbook