Internet Advancement

As stated in “Reporting Advancement,”, all advancement must be reported to local councils. This is important in keeping member records up to date and alleviates issues in documenting progress as Scouts submit Eagle applications or transfer from one unit to another within a council. Internet Advancement serves as the portal for reporting. NOTE: Units using Scoutbook must still export advancement records from Scoutbook and import them into Internet Advancement for the time being. The automatic sync between the two programs is currently in beta testing.

With Internet Advancement, units select an advancement processor who is granted access with a council-provided unit ID. Because of documentation requirements, the Eagle Scout rank, and nominated recognitions such as meritorious action awards, are not entered electronically. When first-time unit processors enter, they are greeted by a welcome page with instructions and invited to log in and accept a confidentiality agreement. Once they have provided some registration information, they move to an overview page with additional instructions. Returning users skip these steps and go directly to selecting members for advancement.